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  1. Tanmay Bhat

    Tanmay Bhat

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  2. Shebin Saji

    Shebin Saji

    Tanmay must do a review of INhistory comments he gets on his videos... It's hilarious 😂



    Tanmay 's accent while reading the messages is out of this world 🤣

  4. Chinmay Kamath

    Chinmay Kamath

    Gopal sir has the most genuine laughs, he's like an old father just enjoying with his kids.

  5. Netflix India

    Netflix India


  6. Veeresh C R

    Veeresh C R

    Tanmay's laugh is so contagious that I start laughing with him even if I have not processed the joke 🤣

  7. Saad Zahoor

    Saad Zahoor

    This is such a brilliant effort to put aside the political illusions of hate and let the two great nations come close once again. Indeed the content is super enjoyable and your narrations too. Specially Zakir bhai and Ashwariya. But my Heartiest respect for you guys.

  8. Anukul


    Tanmay, i genuinely wanna thank you mate for posting so consistently,

  9. Lata Panoura

    Lata Panoura

    Tanmay's accent when he reads these pakistani texts🤣 epic

  10. Rachna Ravikumar

    Rachna Ravikumar


  11. JINX


    I'm dead laughing 🤣🤣🤣 love from pakistan 🇵🇰 peace ✌🏻

  12. Hmmmmmmm


    Tanmay's accent while reading messages is just b bagdubugdu .

  13. Rishith Kataria

    Rishith Kataria

    The voice with which Tanmay speaks while reading the chats makes me laugh every time 😂😂

  14. Shaharyar


    I'm from Karachi... I just love Tanmay's Pakistani chat review videos.. You are awesome Tanmay.. You never make fun, never disrespect our country.. You are a gem. keep uploading this type of content please never stop..

  15. Arnaaz mulani

    Arnaaz mulani

    The way tanmay reads those chats are 10x funnier than the chat itself OMG

  16. Fatima Perwaiz Khan

    Fatima Perwaiz Khan

    I'm from Pakistan and I love this series that is becoming even more hilarious with time. Can't wait for more. <3

  17. Hetal Oza

    Hetal Oza

    Tanmay's laugh has a separate fan base. 😂😂

  18. Pushkar Kumar

    Pushkar Kumar

    THIS SERIES SHOULD NEVER STOP!!!!!!! Also with same panel

  19. Alpha Subscription

    Alpha Subscription

    You are doing a beautiful job TB. By breaking the boundaries between our two countries, no matter how much hate they spread, ultimately only love will win.

  20. interstellaristic


    I love Gopal Sir's innocence also he catches up so quickly to the lingo😂🙌🏻