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  1. manan agrawal

    manan agrawal

    Advertiser OP.. this guy has the best and the most underrated sense of humour.... 😂❤️

  2. nikhil babar

    nikhil babar

    Just love the way Vishal talk. He make jokes with straight dead face then look here and there 😂😂.

  3. Vivek Rao

    Vivek Rao

    "Ye kisne daru pike banaya hai " best one 😂😂

  4. Shubham Pote

    Shubham Pote




    Dude that hug my boyfriend killed my stomach

  6. Soham Kalamkar

    Soham Kalamkar


  7. Saukar Srinivasa rao

    Saukar Srinivasa rao


  8. Saurabh Musale

    Saurabh Musale


  9. Dairy Milk

    Dairy Milk

    Its illegal to watch tanmay without laughing. 😂

  10. Utkarsh Choudhary

    Utkarsh Choudhary

    Down with fever but this definitely made me feel good....

  11. Harsh


    Advertiser's one liners and Live chat were more funny than the memes

  12. Cook with A2M

    Cook with A2M

    I just wanna say thnx to you tanmay....

  13. Urban Wrench

    Urban Wrench

    Tanmay being on time would be surprising. But apparently not. He’s late.

  14. prakash chandraker

    prakash chandraker

    Man you missed the "I do my own plumbing" punch line.

  15. vivek raj

    vivek raj

    I was down with a flu and watching you Tanmay lightened up my mood✨ Keep up the good work bro.... blessings to you.

  16. Rudraksha Ghosh

    Rudraksha Ghosh


  17. Gagan Naik

    Gagan Naik

    Loved this one

  18. Akshay Sharma

    Akshay Sharma

    Man, Vishal's wit and humour 😂🙌

  19. Faizan Bhat

    Faizan Bhat

    I swear my tears come out while laughing and my cheeks start hurting

  20. Dhriti shukla

    Dhriti shukla14 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Your videos are the only cure for my depression . Literally , I am losing hope from life . You make this hope alive! Thankyou Tanmay sir , thankyou so much!💜