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Nishant jokesingh
Gopal gopaldatt

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  1. Tanmay Bhat

    Tanmay Bhat

    If you’re under 18, get your own Debit Card from FamPay - India’s first neo bank for teenagers ►

  2. Abdul Khaliq

    Abdul Khaliq

    We pakistanis want more of these. It's fuckin hilarious how you read them.

  3. starfire 07

    starfire 07

    Funfact: the chats are less funny, the way Tanmay says them makes them funnier 😂😂

  4. Cowboy like fatima 🧣

    Cowboy like fatima 🧣

    as a pakistani it makes me happy that the youth is putting those stupid old stereotypes behind, i always look forward for such positive content, thanks for spreading smiles 💛

  5. Aadi's recipes

    Aadi's recipes

    Even if the joke isn’t funny, Tanmay’s hilarious way of laughing makes me die laughing 😂.

  6. Matthias Jason

    Matthias Jason

    The way Tanmay reads the chat. makes it 10 times funnier

  7. Arham Khan

    Arham Khan

    Im from Pakistan amd trust me. You need to keep this series !! It's frickin hilarious

  8. Ishaan Raj Mishra

    Ishaan Raj Mishra

    Tanmay back then: I'm gonna be India's PewDiePie

  9. mohd akif

    mohd akif

    I think Gopal sir aka Sider OP should also be recognised for making such a great debut. What a wonderful person he is and a great comic. Been a fan since AIB days.

  10. Amna Mir

    Amna Mir

    As a Pakistani , this is the best troll we could have 🤣🤣

  11. Abzyy


    I showed this to my Pakistani friends. They were dying with laughter.

  12. Jai



  13. Fareed Ahmad Siddiqui

    Fareed Ahmad Siddiqui

    As a Pakistani, this series never fails to make my day <3 Much love to Ashwarya for biggin up Pakistanis and calling us pyaaray sweet log hahaha keep it coming! <3

  14. Duhita Mahanta

    Duhita Mahanta

    The accent that Tanmay uses to read the tweets is the main reason for these videos to be so friggin hilarious. 😆😆😆

  15. Kenyoung yomcha

    Kenyoung yomcha

    PETITION For Tanmay's voice to be the official Pakistani meme voice ✊!

  16. Swarna Kumari

    Swarna Kumari

    Tanmay's laugh automatically pressurize other to laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Gayatri Gurav

    Gayatri Gurav

    This...... exactly this is finally going to get peace between our nation's...

  18. Hemant Aher

    Hemant Aher

    This Pakistanis Are Savage series is way too hilarious man! Enjoyed every single bit of it!!

  19. A


    Omg Zakir has really a good sense of humour 😂😂👍👍

  20. Usama Mian

    Usama Mian

    Pakistani here and I NEVER want this series to stop, please! One of the most entertaining things I see on internet these days. Keep going even if you have to make few of these jokes up yourself lol.