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  1. Anonymous A

    Anonymous A

    That's such a genuinely sweet scene/moment where after dancing KV and Rahul hugged ! that friendship and how they came so far, together. Brotherhood at it's best ✨

  2. Jemish Sataki

    Jemish Sataki

    Just pure love for KV and Rahul and their friendship! LOVVVVEEEE!

  3. Shruti Sonali

    Shruti Sonali

    That little dance by Rahul and KV was the most wholesome thing I have watched this year ❤️❤️

  4. acb


    How does when two comedians meet each other in a birthday party they suddenly break into a perfectly synchronized dance with music in the background? I thought this happens in movies only.

  5. Dhruv Budhani

    Dhruv Budhani

    That Dance was the Best

  6. Ankur 1

    Ankur 1

    Kv's speech voted as best speech after Marlon Brando's Oscar speech...

  7. Suhita Deb

    Suhita Deb

    KV's excitement for his birthday is everything 🤩. Kv and Rahul are goals 🥺💕

  8. Debo Gaming

    Debo Gaming

    Tanmay consistency is on fire 🔥

  9. Abhilasha Jain

    Abhilasha Jain

    The best part about this whole vlog is, all the comedians are genuine friends and there's no superficial pretense!! ❤️❤️❤️ Absolutely love you all!! ❤️❤️



    Rahul is so underrated as a comedian,friend etc etc.

  11. Eira Parker

    Eira Parker

    KV and Rahul are amazing, just love their friendship and never knew that Rahul can dance so well.

  12. •Violet THE Bloom•

    •Violet THE Bloom•

    Tanmay being really active on his channel

  13. The Real Azmi

    The Real Azmi

    Aww, this Vlog was so WHOLESOME.

  14. Varun Deshpande

    Varun Deshpande

    Was re-watching Honest Placements today, and this vlog .. in fact KV's bday was seemingly a legit reunion. Good ol' days ❤

  15. damini :)

    damini :)

    I have liked your streams a lot of times cause you ask us to but this time I genuinely liked it, smiled through the whole vlog especially KV's speech, also love to Subbu and Sumu (message pass krdena) 💙💜💙

  16. Wzsst Aafbt

    Wzsst Aafbt

    Tanmay : How comedian party!

  17. Khushi Shrivastava

    Khushi Shrivastava

    I was really having a very rough day and I laughed so much watching this lots of hugs tanmay sir❤️🤗

  18. Love



  19. The Big Fat Panda

    The Big Fat Panda21 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    When the vlog is so awesome that people miss the " ... maybe" at the end of the vlog .. Well Played @Tanmay :D

  20. Aman Chauhan

    Aman Chauhan

    KV is such a kiddo with a great IQ. And I just loved how he credited Tanmay.