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  1. Tanmay Bhat

    Tanmay Bhat

    If you’re under 18, click here to get your own Debit Card and UPI ID from FamPay India’s first neo bank for teenagers ►

  2. Supnava


    tanmay's accent while reading the chats is just out of this world XD

  3. Pakistani Hindu

    Pakistani Hindu

    Being from Pakistan I can tell you, this is literally normal level of communication for most, we take pride in being savage 😂😂

  4. AYJ


    hahahahahahahahaah I love this type of content by Tanmay <3

  5. Sadhana Singh

    Sadhana Singh

    I laughed 10 min 45 sec non-stop , this is really best series ever , continue this series throughout the life , don't need another entertainment dose 🤣🤣

  6. Gullg geeg

    Gullg geeg

    Tanmay's accent in this video his basically how Islamabadis speak Urdu here in Pakistan😂

  7. Rucha Kanolkar

    Rucha Kanolkar

    This series should never stop 😂😂😂 loving it

  8. MH Radio 2.0

    MH Radio 2.0

    We Want Part 3

  9. Saadain Syed

    Saadain Syed

    Hey man.. you earned a subscriber from Pakistan today. I was having a shitty day today but your content is too hilarious, keep up the good work!!

  10. Snehaa's Escape

    Snehaa's Escape

    Tanmay's accent reading the memes is so hilarious that now I read every word as it is written after knowing that it's wrong😂

  11. Rose Rosey

    Rose Rosey

    these kind of chats r v common here in Pakistan. most people here r v savage and next level hilarious.

  12. Alishay Ahmed

    Alishay Ahmed

    Man I love how humorous we are😂💚🇵🇰

  13. A. Khan

    A. Khan

    😂😂😂your reaction was so funny , otherwise this type of chaat is Soo common here .. ❤️from Peshawar Pakistan🇵🇰

  14. iFlyHighhh



  15. Derek


    Being a Pakistani, I must say our newsfeed is full of such stuff. Tanmay is just discovering this now. There are plenty of groups filled with such posts.

  16. Imran Javed

    Imran Javed

    Memes are funny but the way tanmay is reading them made it more funnier, an art in itself.

  17. Rajdeep


    Nishant bhai's laughter is a whole stand up in itself 😂

  18. Suvankit Sahoo

    Suvankit Sahoo

    Make this into a series please🙏🏻😂 these are damn funny😂😂

  19. Julee Sinha

    Julee Sinha

    Am i the only person who thinks that they r more funnier than savage!!!??!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Amaya Bhuyan

    Amaya Bhuyan

    Are we gonna ignore Kaneez the same way tanmay did😂