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  1. Tanmay Bhat

    Tanmay Bhat

    I should rename this vlog to Not The SRK vlog, shouldnt I? Sorry couldn’t bring you guys more SRK :( Did what I could.

  2. Tarak Dayma

    Tarak Dayma

    The number of Tanmay's laugh is more than the number of seconds SRK in this vlog

  3. iFlyHighhh


    You Have To Yell "Please Play FIFA With Me" And Run 😂🙌

  4. Saifur


    Still waiting for the part where Tanmay is talking with the real SRK...

  5. Mythpat


    Tanmay : Naveed Can we get SRK for VLOG

  6. Half_Note


    I liked the part where Srk and Tanmay interacted.

  7. Parakh Dua

    Parakh Dua

    Sharukh is probably only person in Tanmay's vlog who hasn't been smashed by his camera!! Explains how "big" of a fan boy Tanmay is...

  8. techFAUX


    Legends know its a 6 month old vlog

  9. Jaw Boy

    Jaw Boy

    "I have done about 42 takes for Kundan Shah, but you are not Kundan Shah" 😂🙌🏼

  10. Amit Kumar Tripathi

    Amit Kumar Tripathi

    SRK nicking the last kernel of snack is what I am living for.That man makes everything cool.

  11. Nakul Chikhalkar

    Nakul Chikhalkar

    There's Savagery , Intense Savagery and Then There comes SRK's wittiest savagery 😂😂😂😂....... 8.4 seconds and this is gonna be Tanmay's highest viewed vlog

  12. Saurabh Kumar

    Saurabh Kumar

    Even Shahrukh's body double has more screen time in this vlog than the original Shahrukh

  13. Piyush Pranav

    Piyush Pranav


  14. Sarovarr


    SRK's gonna show up for 3 seconds isn't he and before that Tanmay will have a 6 month old vlog as intro.

  15. Luv Arya

    Luv Arya

    Oh man .. shouldn't have got hopes up for a candid conversation .. guess I will have to re-watch aib podcast now for the 108th time

  16. Abhay Srivastava

    Abhay Srivastava

    That 6 minutes of SRK and tanmay interacting non-stop just made my day.....thanks Tanmay....

  17. Ghanshyam singh Sharma

    Ghanshyam singh Sharma

    I don't know what the heck is everyone complaining about. As a SRK fan, I absolutely loved this vlog. I can watch people simping over SRK for unlimited amount of time and can be the happiest tbh. And even his 6 seconds were ❤️



    Aree. Had higher expectations for this long awaited SRK vlog. I understand how hard I would have been for Tanmay to vlog in between a shoot with SRK. Appreciate your efforts and thank you for making this vlog for us.👏❤️

  19. Prakrut Chauhan

    Prakrut Chauhan

    Just 6 sec of SRK yet throughout the vlog you can feel the charisma and aura of SRK affecting everyone there!!

  20. Tanmay Bhat

    Tanmay Bhat

    I deserve chappals