🔴TESTING PUBG NEWSTATE! ft. Mechanical Pandey

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  1. Velementov


    Tanmay bhaiya...love you lot... your sense of humour is miraculous man 😍👌😂

  2. Swagat K

    Swagat K

    The animation & movements are so smooth !

  3. Rayhan Vanu

    Rayhan Vanu

    Enhanced graphics=detailed grass=harder to spot snakes 🙃

  4. Santripta Swain

    Santripta Swain

    Seeing people comparing it with Codm and trashing each other, one needs to understand that Codm and pubg both have different philosophy and approach to their respective games and one need to understand that PUBG is better in BR mode whereas CODM is for MP, and no one dethrones each other but they're good on their own ways!

  5. Zenitsu


    Tanmay ne new state pehli baar khela aur pandey ji ne pubg 😂 jk

  6. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh

    When u spend thousands of dollars into developing a new game and players call it cod ki copy.

  7. Naitik Jain

    Naitik Jain

    New COD looks good 🤩🤩

  8. Comedy on Fire

    Comedy on Fire

    I can't wait for pubg new state.



    Life is a short thing" "Girlfriend is nothing" "Mother father and god's everything" "Support to everything"'💟❣️...

  10. Vishal Netha

    Vishal Netha

    Love the pubg newstate no other person better than Tanmay to promote this 😂 mom message kiya? Tho sorry Bhai PC thod degi mom

  11. anhad


    Should had cosidered light saber istead of kulhadi in a futuristic game

  12. Manan


    last time tanmay was promoting something this hard it was iqoo night

  13. Chahat Pawar

    Chahat Pawar

    Giving feeling of COD and PUBG mix 😂😂😂

  14. parikshit pande

    parikshit pande

    Those fucking graphics man those graphics 😲😲😲😲 this is going to be no 1 game in no time 🤩

  15. DarKSouL



  16. Samarth


    Art of ending

  17. Aryan Kamble

    Aryan Kamble

    Getting COD ad on Pubg video😂😂

  18. Xavier


    Social media such a place where if you say "Water is important for life" Someone will get offended and reply "Tell this to the people who lost their dear ones in flooding".,.,

  19. Saber Serpent

    Saber Serpent

    The intro song is a banger 🔥🔥🔥

  20. OP ojesh  GAMER

    OP ojesh GAMER

    I want to know where he is writing pre-registration