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  1. Shriya Jain Official

    Shriya Jain Official

    Ye series kabhi khatam nahi hona chaiye 🥺😫❤️ I wait for this specially a lot!!!

  2. Vishal Singh Rajput

    Vishal Singh Rajput

    Tanmay laughs Everyone Laughs for no Reason 😂😂 Itni pyaari hasi😁



    Sense of humor is truly out of the box.....

  4. Amazing lightzoom

    Amazing lightzoom

    As a Pakistani, I’ve been both a victim and an initiator of similar conversations. It’s a part of our everyday life. That’s how we roll. 😜😜

  5. K Pawar

    K Pawar

    Tanmay laughing after every joke makes it 10x times funny

  6. Ruqayyah Akhterullah Khan

    Ruqayyah Akhterullah Khan

    tanmay's accent of reading those memes makes it more funny

  7. Azad Chaiwala

    Azad Chaiwala

    Tanmay that’s me at

  8. Demo Piece

    Demo Piece

    Hey Tanmy.. I really appreciate your efforts for a positive relation between the two nations.. you're really daring yet loving.. keep up the good job! Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤🇮🇳

  9. Piyush Sharma

    Piyush Sharma

    Tanmay's accent is everything.

  10. Mahrukh Hanif

    Mahrukh Hanif

    Divided by borders, United by Pakistanis are Savage series!!! I can't even. Please never stop reviewing memes. This is the new antidepressant!!! Pfizer might just come up with Tanmay Pill one day.... nick name Goli OP

  11. Ryox Wolfiya

    Ryox Wolfiya

    This is truly the best series on INhistory! It brings together Pakistanis & Indians😂😂😂

  12. mateenezzat86


    I love how our content is mutually enjoyed on both sides of the borders.

  13. BERLIN


    Tamnay is type of mate who can read a borrowed joke and make it funnier.

  14. Anurag Yadu

    Anurag Yadu

    Agree or not.. it's tanmay's way of reading the posts, that makes them even funnier.

  15. Hit Jo

    Hit Jo

    This series and this cameos should never ever stop ..

  16. Hassan Saeed

    Hassan Saeed

    I hope this series never ends, you have no idea how much Pakistanis love you and your content, i still remember the video AIB video where you made indians and pakistanis talk on phone.

  17. Shaiza Saeed

    Shaiza Saeed

    I can't believe. I have been watching your channel for quite a long time but I am amazed that there are people in India who like Pakistan and it's content. It's truly amazing. I am enjoying the comments section so much. Thank you Tanmay u doing great job of connections two countries.

  18. Osama Ahmed

    Osama Ahmed

    Love this show! Hats off and appreciate it. Love from 🇵🇰

  19. MH Radio 2.0

    MH Radio 2.0

    Tammy Bhai Please Iss Video Ka Part 7 Zara Jaldi Lana

  20. XY Z

    XY Z

    Me watching standups whole day 🥱