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  1. Tanmay Bhat

    Tanmay Bhat

    Tell us your favourite moments from today's video:

  2. iFlyHighhh


    3 Days, 3 Video. Is This Tanmay Sir??

  3. Pareesa Memon

    Pareesa Memon

    I am a Pakistani and I have never laughed more at these memes😂

  4. Aachal Jain

    Aachal Jain

    Me : * Doesn't understand any joke *

  5. Hafsah Khan

    Hafsah Khan

    I like how ashweria is always showing respect 🙌 towards urdu

  6. Harsh Mandal

    Harsh Mandal

    I am constantly looking at junejo's expressions, I am really afraid that he does not get offended 😂😂

  7. ThePoet


    Tanmay ,s comedy is my last hope to bring the two countries together

  8. 17 Amisha IT

    17 Amisha IT

    India and Pakistan :

  9. Aditya ranjan

    Aditya ranjan

    Guys lets us show the Love of Indians🇮🇳 to this beautiful soul Irfan junejo 🇵🇰👍👍

  10. Sufal Gulati

    Sufal Gulati

    Irfan is the most calm person in this video

  11. deepak pandey

    deepak pandey

    It's so cute how irfan is trying not to laugh out loud or the Tanmay gang might judge him . I was watching him the whole time ,and it was so cute how he was trying to inhibit his emotions from bursting .😅😅🙏

  12. Hamza Saeed

    Hamza Saeed

    @Irfan Junejo didn’t even let pakistan down by just laughing ,he gathered all the information about memes before than having meeting with tanmay baat .Respect !❤️

  13. Sidra Soomro

    Sidra Soomro

    I'm a Pakistani!

  14. ALIYAN-


    Divided by borders

  15. Megha Baghel

    Megha Baghel

    Tanmay's and Phoebe's laugh are more contagious than Corona 😂💯

  16. Hassan Aslam

    Hassan Aslam

    Thank you so much tanmay. It's a gesture of peace and love. Please collaborate with other content creators of Pakistan to create harmony .love you all..

  17. Superhero-Kaif


    Irfan bhai is the most decent vlogger on the internet, right on the line with Nikhil Mumbaikar and Casey Nistat. Much love to you Irfan bhai from India. And thank you Tanmay bhai for organizing this. After all the bad news around India due to covid, this is the first time I had a good laughter after a long time. 🙏

  18. Dezalt


    Irfan was such a sport, gotta appreciate it , it was so fun to see this

  19. Abhishek Choudhary

    Abhishek Choudhary

    Someone speaks in urdu

  20. Sarmad Khan

    Sarmad Khan

    Love❤️ from Pakistan🇵🇰 to all the Indians..!🇮🇳